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Que. To compute function points (FP), the following relationship is used FP = Count - total x (0.65 + 0.01 x  ∑(Fi))where Fi (i = 1 to n) are value adjustment factors (VAF) based on n questions. The value of n is
a. 12
b. 14
c. 16
d. 18
Bhagya :(May 03, 2019) How to solve this problem
you just need to remember that in VAF, n is the number of factors that is total 14. I have given all 14 factors below you can read them
1. Does the system require reliable backup and recovery ? 2. Is data communication required ? 3. Are there distributed processing functions ? 4. Is performance critical ? 5. Will the system run in an existing heavily utilized operational environment ? 6. Does the system require on line data entry ? 7. Does the on line data entry require the input transaction to be built over multiple screens or operations ? 8. Are the master files updated on line ? 9. Is the inputs, outputs, files, or inquiries complex ? 10.Is the internal processing complex ? 11. Is the code designed to be reusable ? 12.Are conversion and installation included in the design ? 13.Is the system designed for multiple installations in different organizations ? 14. Is the application designed to facilitate change and ease of use by the user
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Namita :(July 27, 2019) The answer is 14 not 18. as there are 14 values
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Arun :(September 15, 2019) It is 14
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