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Que. Match each software lifecycle model in List – I to its description in List – II:

List – I                                       List – II
I. Code-and-Fix                        a. Assess risks at each step; do most critical
action first.
II. Evolutionary prototyping  b. Build an initial small requirement specifications,
code it, then “evolve” the specifications and code
as needed.
III. Spiral                                    c. Build initial requirement specification for
several releases, then design-and-code in
IV. Staged Delivery                 d. Standard phases (requirements, design,
code, test) in order
V. Waterfall                               e. Write some code, debug it, repeat
(i.e. ad-hoc)

Codes :
      I    II   III   IV   V
a. e   b   a    c    d
b. e   c   a    b    d
c. d   a   b    c    e
d. c   e   a    b    d
Answer:e   b   a    c    d
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