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Que. Complete each of the following sentences in List-I on the left hand side by filling in the word or phrase from the List-II on the right hand side that best completes the sentence:

List-I                                          List-II
I. Determining whether you
have built the right system
is called .............                       A. Software testing
II. Determining whether you
have built the system right
is called .........                           B. Software verification
III. ............ is the process of
demonstrating the existence
of defects or providing
confidence that they do not
appear to be present.              C. Software debugging
IV. .......... is the process of
discovering the cause of a
defect and fixing it.                  D. Software validation

      I   II  III  IV
a. B  D  A  C
b. B  D  C  A
c. D  B  C  A
d. D  B  A  C
Answer:D  B  A  C
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