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Que. Consider the program below in a hypothetical programming language which allows global variables and a choice of static or dynamic scoping
int i;
program Main( )
i = 10;
call f ( );
procedure f( )
int i = 20;
call g ( );
procedure g( )
print i;

Let x be the value printed under static scoping and y be the value printed under dynamic scoping. Then x and y are
a. x = 10, y = 20
b. x = 20, y = 10
c. x = 20, y = 20
d. x = 10, y = 10
Answer:x = 10, y = 10
thirupathi :(March 12, 2019) i have doubt how its come this answers
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Natasha :(February 14, 2020) HOW?
solution plz
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Richa :(May 17, 2020) I think answer should be a. Becoz in dynamic scoping reference to the non-local variable is resolved from the calling parent, that way value of i in dynamic scoping should be fetched from the calling parent that is f().
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