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Que. The semaphore variables full, empty and mutex are initialized to 0, n and 1, respectively. Process P1 repeatedly adds one item at a time to a buffer of size n, and process P2 repeatedly removes one item at a time from the same buffer using the programs given below. In the programs, K, L, M and N are unspecified statements.

while (1) {     K; P(mutex); Add an item to the buffer; V(mutex);     L; } P2 while (1) {    M; P(mutex); Remove an item from the buffer; V(mutex);     N; }

The statements K, L, M and N are respectively
a. P(full), V(empty), P(full), V(empty)
b. P(full), V(empty), P(empty), V(full)
c. P(empty), V(full), P(empty), V(full)
d. P(empty), V(full), P(full), V(empty)
Answer:P(empty), V(full), P(full), V(empty)
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