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Que. A form of modulation In which the amplitude of a carrier wave is varied in accordance with some characteristic of the modulating signal, is known asCSMA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access) isWhat does 240 translate to in binary?A proposed network infrastructure of interconnected local, regional, and global networks that would support universal interactive multimedia communications. Select the best fit for answer:
a. Alohaa very common bit-oriented data link protocol issued by ISO11100000Client/Server networks
b. modemnetwork access standard for connecting stations to a circuit-switched network11110000Internetworked enterprise
c. Angle modulationa method access control technique for multiple-access transmission media00001111Information super highway
d. Amplitude modulationa method of determining which device has access to the transmission medium at any time00011110Business applications of telecommunications
Answer:Amplitude modulationa method access control technique for multiple-access transmission media11110000Information super highway
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