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Que. Following is C like pseudo code of a function that takes a Queue as an argument, and uses a stack S to do processing.

void fun(Queue *Q)
    Stack S;  // Say it creates an empty stack S
    // Run while Q is not empty
    while (!isEmpty(Q))
        // deQueue an item from Q and push the dequeued item to S
        push(&S, deQueue(Q));
    // Run while Stack S is not empty
    while (!isEmpty(&S))
      // Pop an item from S and enqueue the poppped item to Q
      enQueue(Q, pop(&S));

What does the above function do in general?
a. Removes the last from Q
b. Keeps the Q same as it was before the call
c. Makes Q empty
d. Reverses the Q
Answer:Reverses the Q
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