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Que. The number of full and half-adders required to add 16-bit numbers is
a. 8 half-adders, 8 full-adders
b. 1 half-adder, 15 full-adders
c. 16 half-adders, 0 full-adders
d. 4 half-adders, 12 full-adders
Answer:1 half-adder, 15 full-adders
Praveen :(August 18, 2019) Can you explain how
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Kaveri :(August 19, 2019) How?
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kiran :(January 07, 2020) Answer is B.

For LSB addition we do not need a full adder.

For addition of subsequent bits we need full adders since carry from previous addition has to be fed into the addition operation.
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