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Que. In linguistic morphology, _____________ is the process for reducing inflected words to their root form.
a. Rooting
b. Stemming
c. Text-Proofing
d. Both a & b
Hashan :(February 07, 2020) What about lemmatizing?
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Tom :(May 10, 2020) Stemming is incorrect. Correct answer is lemmatizing
However, the two words differ in their flavor. Stemming usually refers to a crude heuristic process that chops off the ends of words in the hope of achieving this goal correctly most of the time, and often includes the removal of derivational affixes. Lemmatization usually refers to doing things properly with the use of a vocabulary and morphological analysis of words, normally aiming to remove inflectional endings only and to return the base or dictionary form of a word, which is known as the lemma . If confronted with the token saw, stemming might return just s, whereas lemmatization would attempt to return either see or saw depending on whether the use of the token was as a verb or a noun. The two may also differ in that stemming most commonly collapses derivationally related words, whereas lemmatization commonly only collapses the different inflectional forms of a lemma. Linguistic processing for stemming or lemmatization is oft
Stemming is correct if is just crude chopping, but lemmatization is correct if it has to make sense. For example Studies -> Studi (Stemming) vs Study (Lemmatization)
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