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About Me

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Are you a Computer science Geek who loves to solve programming challenges and learn new subjects in computer science?

My name is Pankaj Sharma and I am a computer geek. I am a part time blogger and love to write and read articles about new technologies and tutorials. I love to create useful content on the web and learning and sharing knowledge. I motivated to design this portal when I was in need of MCQ and interview questions related to computer science. As I love to build websites and do coding, unable to find any good one, only dedicated to computer science, I decided to build one.

I started this portal with only Objective questions but the goal is to provide literally everything related to computer science. The ultimate goal is to create a community of computer science learners for sharing knowledge and developing skills.

I started with few thousands questions in the database but I am continuously updating it. Soon you can see this site updated with content like Interview Questions, Algorithmic problems, programs, articles on computer science and so on.

As I am the only one maintaining this site, it may have some issues. Please feel free to point out them and let me know. Any feedback regarding content, design and user Experience will be greatly appreciated. You can contact me through Gmail or Facebook.

Let’s together make web a better place.

Technologies powering this site

This site is built in ASP.net MVC 4 using DTO and Repository Architecture. Microsoft Sql Server is being used for storage purposes. Beside this I used jQuery, Bootstrap and some Ajax.

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